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Monday, 6 February 2017

Aurora Movement

3 Days of Light Painting heaven - Day and Night creativity 
with Gunnar Heilman and Mafu Fuma of Aurora Movement.
 Also, a huge thank you to Mia and Natalia for their excellent company and modeling skills.

We spent the first night in town at a mini ampitheatre.
This here is my 'crowd'.
Trigger/lights; Me
Models; Gunnar, Nati, Mia and Mafu 

To see Gunnar and Mafu's pictures you need to head over to their facebook page ;
Day 2; Light Swap / Cross Paint
Concept; Kim
Model; Mafu
Lights; Kim and Gunnar
Trigger; Gunnar

   Day 3; Cave Collaborations with Mafu Fuma
Model; Mia Bell 

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