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Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Light Painters United in Belgium

 An Epic Weekend spent in Belgium with some of the worlds finest light painters......
Heres some of my favourite shots from the weekend.
I can not begin to describe how fantastic it was to hang out with such a strong crew. Cant wait till next time.

Portrait of Tim Gamble

Collab with Frodo and Buschi. Model Patry

Collab with Frodo and Luis. Model Patry

Collab with Frodo. Model Patry

Collab with Cisco. Model Patry

 Portrait of me by Cisco and Stabeu (or Tim?). 
Trigger Phill (I think)

Portrait of Komeg, Steelwool by Dan


Callab with Stabeu. Model Iris

 Collaboration with Mart and Tim. Model; Phill
Phill showing us whay he's got. Lights by Tim I think...

Portrait of Dawn under the full moon, Steelwool by Dan

Thank you to everyone who made this a trip to remember. 
Phill Fisher, Dan Whitaker, Mart Barras, Tim Gamble, Jannis Sid, Katarina Dotnebaya, Komeg, Pala Teth, Olivier Therme (dawn), Sam Mass Heuze, Stephane Baba, Vincent Delesvaux (diliz), Stabeu Light, Will Light, Dan Chick, Nancy Nguyen, Francois Aeenishanslin (cisco), Marie (tribal lotta), Gunnar Heilman, Mafu Fuma, Seb Buschikowski, Jochem Ko, Movin Apes, Monika Sandel, Arnoud Legros, Martin Gerrard, Vincent Gerber, Melisa Lefebure, Grogory Lamouline, Fa MacFalight, Frodo Alvarez, Patricia Diez, Iris Shyroii, Sfhir Ogt Lcsiete, Luis Lafuente, Juls Boo, Polution.

See you in the dessert. X

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