Im not good with words, but I'm great with pictures......

Saturday 24 December 2005

Tuesday 20 December 2005


My mum has had enough of living with me so she has up and left and moved to Portugal. Here are some pics I took on my first visit to the area where she lives in the Algarve.

Sunday 18 December 2005


Hey Vincent, Merry Christmas....
here's a little something to remember me by.

Thursday 8 December 2005

Alex and his snake

I have a wierd and wonderful friend called German Alex (he's actually from Bovaria).
He has a pet snake. It sleeps in his bed.

Monday 7 November 2005

I went to Uni in London in a place called St. Martins, and I was lucky enough to have John Ingledew as my head of photography. He wrote a book and put a photo of mine and some pictures of me in it... and he put my picture on the cover of the american edition!
Beat that sucker!!!!