Im not good with words, but I'm great with pictures......

Sunday 12 October 2008

Garden Mural

Everythings possible with a little help from your friends.
A week of painting circles and stripes is enough to send anyone round the bend. Luckily I've been mad for years. I like my garden so much more now....
Faye, thank you for putting some birds on my sky.

Thursday 9 October 2008

Heretics guide to vegan cookery

I worked with a chef called Andy Murray who is very passionate about vegan food.
He wrote a very funny cookbook full of delicious recipes and sarcastic ramblings and asked if I would photograph him for the cover.
Of course Andy, as long as you make me some of those chickpea pancakes!
Available for purchase at any good Glasto bookshop or you can order your copy at