Im not good with words, but I'm great with pictures......

Saturday 30 June 2018


Some light painting animations I created to be projected at 
Veda's Grow Room.
check out the show here;
 with help from Dominic Bell.


Friday 29 June 2018


Sometimes I see women in the street and 
I know I have to photograph them.
Vild was one of these women. 
Visually striking and a pleasure to work with.

Thanks also to Kassandra Hobday for her help with make-up and styling and to Dominic Bell for his all round assistance.

Monday 25 June 2018

Camping in Snowdonia

What a weekend!!!
3 days and 2 nights spent on an adventure with Tasha and an epic LP team. Big ups to Phill, Dan, Mart, Paul, Matt, Spence and Tim. 
You guys rule!

Friday 15 June 2018

Ria in the Bath

Thank you to Ria for your beautiful face 
and thank you to Dom for helping me photograph it.