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Friday, 19 September 2014

"Mama Africa"

I am thinking of venturing into the realm of clothes design and manufacture.
After sewing up some samples with the lovely Delores I thought it was only right to take some photo's of our fabulous garms!

Here's Sophie and her Baby Belly whipping up a colorful storm in my new Krumble Creations!

Sophie is wearing my 
Blue Mama Africa 'Sample' Short Kimono
and my 'Sample' Green Wax Print Hippy Pants.
(yellow/red top by God's Gift emporium, Glastonbury)

I will soon be making a selection of 'ONE-OFF' Short, Medium and Long Kimono's in a variety of fabrics, to register your interest please e-mail me at
or find me on instagram @thekrumbleempire
or twitter @kimkrumble
prices start at £40

more coming soon....


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