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Monday, 7 March 2016

Glastonbury Abbey at Night

Tonight Natasha and me went on a Ninja misssion 
 to the Abbey to throw some light around.
It was very successful.

Sadly, the people who run the Abbey think that my photograph's are innapropriate and offensive and have asked me to take them down.

However I am not a holder of grudge's so I will still encourage everyone to contribute to their 'Rescue our Ruins' appeal.
 They are currently fundraising for the conservation and enhancement of the Abbot's Kitchen, 
the Lady Chapel, Crypt and Galilee.
Please go to their website
and make a donation to help them reach their target.

And obviously, I would like to remind you all not t
visit the Abbey at night as that would be tresspassing 
and tresspassing is against the law. 

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