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Saturday, 6 January 2018

Date Night

Me and Dave had a very rare night without our son so I bribed him with all you can eat sushi to come light painting with me.

First we checked out a spot that is lit up at night 
so there is a lot of ambient light.
Apparently they get turned off at 1am but as we weren't gonna wait around that long so we just had a quick play in a darkish corner.
I figured out an idea and then Dave repeated it with me as a model.
Not bad for his first attempt.

Then we went to my favourite Loulé ruin and I revisited an old idea.
'Fire in the hole'
Keeping it simple with a steel wool spin and the ambient street light with Dave on standing still duties.

After that we went downstairs and he did some 
tubing with me as the model.

And finally Smoke bombs, lasers and a bit of steel wool.
Im not happy with the lasers on the first image but the steel wool curtain isnt so visible in the second.
And the smoke bombs were a bit full on so we weren't really up for giving it a third attempt.

Best date night ever.

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