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Thursday, 4 October 2018

Light Painters United. Merzouga. MORROCCO

I cannot begin to put into words how fantastic this trip was.
An adventure from start to finish. 

Light Painters United, Merzouga.
Organised by the Don, Francois Aenishanslin aka Cisco.

A huge thanks to Dave Knight for accompanying me and tolerating me 24/7 for however many thousand miles we drove.
And thank you to the Cosmic Mafia, my desert family.

Cisco, Fella, Frodo, Patry, Ly, Ruben, Sfhir, Sita, 
James, Ghislain, Tibo, Kika, Rani, Gigi, Salim, Mehdi 
and the boys at L'auberge La Liberté.

Here are some of my photos from the trip.
There is many a button pusher to thank (mainly Cisco) and much collaborating going on...... 


Photographer; Ruben Campos
Make up; Sita - Bodylight Kinetic art

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