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Tuesday, 6 September 2016

High on Lasers

Sophie is one of my favourite beings on the entire planet. 
Here's a series of photo's we did together in the attic last night. 

In case anyone is ever interested in my 'process' I figured I'd post all the attempts at this shot in chronological order so you can see the progression from first attempt to final image, which isnt neccesarily always the last one.
In this case i cant decide between 4 and 6
We shot this picture in my attic, which made using lasers a little difficult as you can hardly light a smoke bomb in a tiny space. 
We got around this by smoking. A lot. Which means that after six exposures we were all pretty high, so its amazing it worked out so well.
Massive thank you to Dom Bell who is definately my new favourite assistant!!

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